About us

At Top 10 Best Web Hosting, we are dedicated to providing our visitors with information about UK web hosting providers and services that is clearly presented, accurate, and helpful. We understand that choosing the right web hosting service is important to you, and we know that with so many providers on the Internet that picking the one that is right for you can be daunting. We want to take the guesswork out of deciding who your UK web hosting provider will be.

Only the Best

Top 10 Best Web Hosting is devoted to ensuring that our pages offer only the very best providers of web hosting services available to those in the UK. Each of the web hosting companies on our pages has been carefully reviewed regarding their range of services, cost and value, customer service, and dependability.

At Top 10 Best Web Hosting, our mission is to cut through all of the hype, sales copy, and fine print to deliver pure and unfettered information that you can use in deciding which web hosting provider is best for you. Every one of the companies that we have included is a quality provider of web hosting services, but which of them has exactly what you require to go live on the Internet?

What Are You Looking For?

In using our website, you’ll certainly be able to tell what each web hosting company can provide you with and how much it will cost. The question for you is, “What are you looking for?” That is a question that only you can answer.

Do you want low cost or are you looking for as many features as you can find in one package? Are you in the market for a simple, no frills web hosting contract wherein you can then pick and choose certain features and pay individually for them, or do you want the ultimate in features, security, and speed?

The fact is by using Top 10 Best Web Hosting and its numerous pages of helpful information, you’ll soon discover that there are various UK providers who will be able to deliver to you exactly what you need and want.

Value and Performance

One of the things that our writers look for when reviewing web hosting providers is value and another is performance. Each of the service providers that we have included on the Top 10 Best Web Hosting site earned excellent marks in both categories, as well as in others. Thus, you don’t have to travel along the Internet to find either value or performance, as companies that offer both are right here.

Why Does Our Service Exist?

Top 10 Best Web Hosting exists because we want to make sure that those in the UK who need web hosting services can connect with the finest providers available. What do we get out of it? We earn our keep through various product links that we provide; when you click on them, that keeps our website up and running. In the end, our visitors win because they get useful information at no cost, and we win because we’re able to continue providing our service free of charge.

Our Writers

Take a moment to meet the Top 10 Best Web Hosting writers. They have created the insightful information on the various UK web hosting providers that are listed and reviewed on our pages. Each writer is a dedicated professional who is focused on recognizing quality, value, and dependability.

Michael Barnabee

Michael has spent a lot of time in the trenches of web hosting, learning about it by working for various companies and then by creating numerous successful websites of his own. His years of working in the industry have given him a keen eye for value and a vast understanding of the various tools and features available through web hosting providers. He loves the ride the Internet provides each and every day.

Laura Lee Cole

Laura has been working as a writer for three years and is heavily into education and research. She’s extremely detail oriented (to the point where she never misspells a single word) and is focused on determining true value in products and services. Laura is our go-to person when we want to understand the actual cost of a service in relationship to the quality and worth of what it delivers.

Paul Mroczka

Paul has been reviewing and writing about all aspects of the Internet for the past decade, which means he has seen a lot of changes. He has a full grasp of the greater landscape that the Internet occupies and defines, and he is especially proficient at helping people understand how to meet their e-commerce needs in relationship to what web hosting companies can provide. Cost, performance, and dependability are what Paul considers when determining how good a web hosting provider really is.