General Web Hosting

What should I look for in a web host?

There are various elements to weigh, including services, cost, and dependability. Once you know what you want and how much flexibility you’ll need, you can start comparing costs. We think dependability and cost, along with being able to meet your specific needs, are most important.

Will I find a company and plan that’s right for me?

Yes, we’ve listed in our top 10 a range of web hosting providers, and all offer various services, making each a bit unique. As an example some provide free design software, while others offer free software and the option to hire their professional designers. All companies are first rate.

How do you determine value?

We look at the services provided, the cost of those services, and the need for such services. If you’re being given something you probably won’t use, what’s the value in it? We also consider how much something will cost after any time-limited introductory offer expires, as costs usually go up.

Should I be concerned about security?

There are two parts to our answer. The first is, “always.” The second is, “We are as concerned about security as you are.” Look for web hosts offering daily backup, domain lock protection, and user authentication. Any hosting service should clearly and completely explain all of their security features.

How important is customer service?

It is essential that your web hosting company offers 24/7, year-round customer service through a variety of platforms. We prefer live chat or telephone with email as a solid backup. Customer service should be able to answer and resolve quickly any and all problems and questions that you have.

How does pricing work?

Most web hosting providers have an introductory offer. These vary a lot. Some last for a year, and include reduced monthly fees and items, such as domain registration, for free. Others reduce costs for a month or two. Always consider what costs will be after the promotional period expires.
Dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting

What is dedicated hosting ?

With dedicated hosting, you are leasing a server that you alone use. You share that server with no one. Dedicated hosting is an excellent choice for e-commerce websites, as security is less of a concern when you are not sharing a server. Plus, there’s more flexibility with dedicated hosting.

Do all web hosting providers offer it?

Overall, you’ll find that all of the web hosting providers on our website do offer some form of dedicated hosting. There are various types of dedicated hosting services available, including those that provide the user with some support, space, and power.

What are the specific benefits of dedicated hosting?

There are many. As mentioned, dedicated hosting is more secure because you are not sharing the server with anyone else. Also, the user has more choice in terms of hardware and operating system. You can uniquely tailor your dedicated hosting service to your needs and upgrade services and features.

How do I know if this is something I need or want?

If you are going to create an e-commerce website, and, thus, expect to be handling sensitive and private information over the Internet, then you want to go with dedicated hosting. Also, if load speed is important, then you may want to consider this service too.

Will I have to pay extra for it?

You will definitely pay more to have your own server, rather than sharing one with others. How much more depends on various factors, including what type of plan you purchase, what services are included, and the term of service. The longer the contract, the less per month you pay.

Are there any drawbacks to dedicated hosting?

The primary one is cost. You can end up paying 10 times more per month for dedicated hosting. Thus, those who don’t require dedicated hosting, should consider utilising a shared server. However, if purchases are being made or private information is being processed, it’s wise to spend the extra cash.

Green Hosting

What is green hosting?

Green hosting is achieved when a web hosting company powers their services and provides them by using non-fossil fuels, such as wind and/or solar power. Thus, the web hosting service is seen as being socially conscious and forward looking; both are qualities that tend to be admired by those interested in innovative companies.

Do all web hosting providers offer it?

No, all web hosting providers are not green. Those that do offer green hosting clearly state that fact, and they are very proud of it, as they see it as a way of ensuring the future of the planet, and those of us who occupy it.

What are the specific benefits of green hosting?

Green hosting, which is a relatively new trend, is one way for companies to help preserve the environment and cut energy costs. Those savings may or may not be passed onto customers. There is a benefit in terms of positive public perception with your site being fuelled by green hosting.

How do I know if this is something I need or want?

You probably don’t need green hosting, except for the fact that it is helping to preserve the Earth’s resources and enabling a cleaner environment. Going with a green web hosting company is more of a social conscience decision than a strict business one. It won’t make your site more powerful.

Will I have to pay extra for it?

Green hosting is not an option that you choose, as a company is either green or it’s not. There’s no evidence that green hosting costs more. In fact, energy production under such systems tends to cost less and, in the long run, save the web hosting company money.

Are there any drawbacks to green hosting?

One concern people have is what happens if the green energy system goes down? Always check and make sure the web host has a backup system in place for such occurrences. This is essential to preserve the integrity of your website and also to sustain your presence online.

Wordpress Hosting

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting service, which was developed by the company that created the most popular blogging platform, is a very fast hosting service that includes a variety of security features and a large support network. It is flexible and like other WordPress products, user friendly.

Do all web hosting providers offer it?

WordPress hosting is extremely popular, and it is often an option that web hosting providers offer. One of the reasons for offering WordPress hosting is the fact that the company brand has become synonymous with words such as “quality,” “value,” and “adaptability.” WordPress often sets industry standards.

What are the specific benefits of WordPress hosting?

WordPress products are extremely dependable and deliver what they promise. Also, WordPress is grounded in being user-friendly, innovative, and forward-looking. These are solid qualities that people want from Internet-based companies. Your account includes a staging area, from which you can add pages without putting your site in peril.

How do I know if this is something I need or want?

Consider the value of what WordPress has to offer, as well as the features, and the customer service. These are all hallmarks of WordPress. However, you may simply have an affinity for another web hosting choice. Many people choose it because it is customer-friendly and easily adaptable.

Will I have to pay extra for WordPress hosting?

Not always. Often WordPress comes as part of a package, and it is one of the hosting choices. However, other times, depending upon the provider and the scope of what is being offered, there may be an additional cost. Still, WordPress tends to be in tune with value and cost.

Are there any drawbacks to it?

As mentioned, WordPress is in many ways an industry standard. WordPress hosting is known for its speed, reliability, and innovations. Plus, it is overall a solid value. It’s difficult to find a drawback with WordPress hosting, which, of course, interfaces nicely with other WordPress products.

cPanel Hosting

What is cPanel hosting?

cPanel hosting is a control hosting panel that offers users complete control of all aspects of a website. It is easy to use and takes virtually no time to learn. It appears on your computer screen and offers one-click installation of tools, features, and software.

Do all web hosting providers offer it?

Many hosting providers do offer cPanel hosting. Recently, various web hosting services have advertised the fact that they have added it to their list of features, and that it is included in their basic package. cPanel hosting tends to be attractive to consumers.

What are the specific benefits of cPanel hosting?

This control panel allows users to access every aspect of their website from a simple, easy to read and use dashboard. One-click installation is a major asset in that it makes installation of software, tools, and features fast and easy. It is the simplest way to manage your website.

How do I know if this is something I need or want?

It is definitely something that most people want due to the fact that it provides access instantly. There’s no hunting around with cPanel hosting, as everything is clearly displayed through vivid icons that are neatly and logically positioned on the dashboard. There is no learning curve with it.

Will I have to pay extra for cPanel hosting?

No, cPanel hosting is usually a standard feature, and it’s included in the basic price for services. That gives it genuine value, as it cuts down on installation time and makes it very easy for users to update, change, and alter features, software, tools, and other aspects of their site.

Are there any drawbacks to it?

The major drawback occurs when web hosting providers do not include it. However, as mentioned, many have been offering it. Recently, the cPanel hosting dashboard was improved, becoming more compact and also easier to read and use. Its inclusion by web hosting providers has eliminated many steps for users.

VPS Hosting

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS hosting), which is sometimes referred to as cloud hosting, gives users access to their own copy of an operating system without the use of an actual dedicated physical server. VPS hosting shares hardware with other VPS users.

Do all web hosting providers offer it?

Yes, VPS hosting has become very popular and just about every major web hosting service is offering some version of this innovative hosting platform. VPS hosting, as it is with others aspect of the industry, continues to develop in terms of features, adaptability, and speed.

What are the specific benefits of VPS hosting?

VPS hosting offers more flexibility to users than dedicated hosting, as the user has their own version of the operating system. It is very easy to configure for specific use, and VPS hosting functions in the same manner that a dedicated hosting server does, making it attractive to customers.

How do I know if this is something I need or want?

If you would like more flexibility in as far as creating and configuring every aspect of your website, then VPS hosting is probably for you. VPS hosting has become very popular quickly, as users like the fact that it is as if they actually have access to their own server.

Will I have to pay extra for VPS hosting?

You will have to pay more than you would for using a shared server, however, it is cheaper than paying for dedicated hosting. Thus, you get many of the same benefits as dedicated hosting, as well as more variety and flexibility, but it costs less.

Are there any drawbacks to it?

Some people feel that VPS hosting is not as fast as dedicated hosting services, which makes sense since with VPS hosting you are still sharing a server with other users. Thus, load times can be slower. However, many feel the benefits far outweigh what is seen as a small drawback.