Top 5 Green Web Hosting

Green hosting is the choice for the person who wants to utilise all the Internet has to offer, while ensuring they are being kind to our precious environment. The web hosting companies listed in this section are focused on preserving the environment, while offering premium services. Each has met the tough standards demanded by our reviewers. Use our list of top green hosting providers to find a great, green provider.

Rank Web Host Price Money Back Power Source Carbon Footprint Rating
1 £2.38 Any time Wind 300% Reduction
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Green Geeks



2 £2.25 Any time Wind 200% Reduction
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Just Host



3 £1.19 Any time Wind 200% Reduction
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4 £1.89 30 Days Wind 200% Reduction
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Fat Cow Hosting



5 £2.49 30 Days Wind 200% Reduction
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Network Solutions



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What is green hosting?

Green hosting is achieved when a web hosting company powers their services and provides them by using non-fossil fuels, such as wind and/or solar power. Thus, the web hosting service is seen as being socially conscious and forward looking.

Do all web hosting providers offer it?

No, all web hosting providers are not green, far from it. Those that do offer green hosting clearly state that fact, and they are very proud of it, as they see it as a way of ensuring the future of the planet, and those of us who occupy it.

What are the specific benefits of green hosting?

Green hosting, which is a relatively new trend, is one way for companies to help preserve the environment and cut energy costs. Those savings may or may not be passed onto customers. If your site is fuelled by green hosting, public perception will be positive.

How do I know if this is something I need or want?

You probably don’t need green hosting, except for the fact that it is helping to preserve the Earth’s resources and enabling a cleaner environment. Going with a green web hosting company is more of a social conscience decision than a strict business one. It won’t make your site more powerful.

Will I have to pay extra for it?

Green hosting is not an option that you choose, as a company is either green or it’s not. There’s no evidence that green hosting costs more. In fact, energy production under such systems tends to cost less and, in the long run, save the web hosting company even more money.

Are there any drawbacks to green hosting?

One concern people have is what happens if the green energy system goes down? Always check and make sure the web host has a backup system in place for such occurrences. This is essential to preserve the integrity of your website and also to sustain your presence online.